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Hem Avoid trampoline injuries in children

Avoid trampoline injuries in children

Child jumping on a trampoline

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Many of you have asked for a post about trampoline injuries in children. To be able to write this, I have enlisted the help of my friend and colleague Dr Samara, who works in the surgical / orthopedic pediatric emergency department at Astrid Lindgren’s Children’s hospital.

Trampolines. They are fantastic equipment that makes moving around fun and also provides good fitness and coordination training. Compared to many leisure activities, it is cheap and can be used by many children (and adults) of different ages.

Trampoline risks for children

Well, the risk of injury is relatively high, and the injuries are sometimes complicated. The most common are fractures of various kinds, especially in the wrists, fingers, elbows and ankles. The latter is common when the foot gets stuck in the edge of the trampoline and may require both surgery and a long, difficult healing time. Neck injuries can occur due to failed turns and jumps. Concussion, abdominal injury with a ruptured spleen or liver are less common and occur mainly when the child flies off the trampoline that lacks a safety net. Younger siblings who want to do advanced somersaults like the older children, but who have poorer coordination, injure themselves more easily. Similarly, little siblings are likely to be injured with they are jumped on by their bigger siblings.

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So, is it reasonable to scrap the trampoline and return to jump ropes and twist bands to encourage outdoor movement? No, I don’t think so! Trampolines are far too good and too fun to be banned. However, the risk of injury can be significantly reduced with a few simple rules of conduct. The injuries that still occur but are usually much milder if you follow them.

  • Never jump on a trampoline without a complete safety net
  • One person jumping on a trampoline at a time! Applies to both children and parents. A child falling and slipping under a jumping adult is not a winning concept.
  • No shoes on the trampoline
  • No toys or other objects on the trampoline. It can cause serious injuries if you land on them. This is not at all uncommon.

Do not forget the safety net!

Jumping safely on a trampoline is not complicated at all, but easy to forget when you’re having fun. Therefore, an adult needs to be nearby to remind us all. With that said, go out and jump!

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