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Guide for prospective parents - pregnancy facts and child insights from a scientific background

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Practical training for prospective parents - pregnancy facts and children's knowledge on a scientific basis. The book is called the book that the children's cutter creator pediatrician Cecilia Chrapkowska wrote together with Professor Agnes Wold. We wanted to write the best parenting book, the perfect pregnancy present and help all new and expectant parents get the knowledge they need to care for a child.

The book is completely free of moralistic and unnecessary advice. We have read thousands of scientific articles and together with Cecilia's clinical experience as a pediatrician, this guide provides a unique knowledge base for you as a new parent. All interactions with readers at barnakuten.nu have been crucial for the book to be able to understand what today's parents really want to know.

The guide is available as a hardcover book (perfect as a gift), as an audio book, an e-book and in a nice pocket edition.

Reviews of the Guide for aspiring parents

The guide received very positive reviews when it came out in Swedish autumn of 2017.

I could start the group “we who dare to be parents thanks to Agnes Wold”

Heidi Avellan, Sydsvenskan

There is something 70s-esque about the straightforward informative prose, with no pretention and completely free of romance and emotion. It is meant as praise. 

Mattias Svensson, Aftonbladet

And you want to Do everything for your child, you want so much that it will be right. Then it is easy to be happy for a book like Agnes Wolds and Cecilia Chrapkowska's newly released “Practical for future parents”. They feel a bit like parents in research robes. Someone who knows and can say that ahh, that will be fine.

Lisa Magnusson, Dagens Nyheter

So all the solutions work, and just because my working life does not look exactly like everyone else's does not have to mean that it is wrong. Although it is very easy to feel that way because of all the norms and expectations on parents. But then I read the most amazing book written on the subject of babies: Guide for aspiring parents by Agnes Wold and Cecilia Chrapkowska.

Johanna Nilsson, Slow Fashion

Agnes Wold - an expert on crushing myths about parenting. She is my role model when it comes to this. There are so many things we parents can afford that we "should" do or not do when it comes to caring for our children - things that are not supported by research. Like Anna Wahlgren's "Barnaboken". If you have it at home, burn the rusty book faster than you can say "hit-and-run!" Should you have children or have recently had - get Professor Agnes Wolds and pediatrician Cecilia Chrapkowska's new book "Practical for future parents" instead - based on research and free from moralism.

Annika Leone on her blog

“The chapters on pregnancy, childbirth, feeding, sleep, vomiting and infections are generally excellent. "

“This is a book that can become a bestseller. The authors should be given credit for how to break holes in several myths about how to behave as a future and a new parent ”.

Pediatrician and Professor Hugo Lagercranz in Pediatrician

Authors Cecilia Chrapkowska and Agnes Wold Celebrate the Guide for Prospective Parents at Bonnier's Writers Mingle at Manilla 2017
Criticism of Practical for future parents

The guide quickly became a sales success and in addition to the countless bloggers and reviewers who appreciated the book - both myself and Agnes received lots of reader emails thanking them for the book, the book has also attracted some criticism.

Ivar Arpi, on Svenska Dagbladet's editorial page, said that our book led to moral decay and prevented the two to three years of full-time healing that he considered common in "natural societies" (!). 

Ann Heberlein and the home parents' network have also been critical of the book.

The Guide for aspiring parents is published in 15 countries

The guide has been sold in 15 countries and after Sweden,has been most popular in Italy Practicals - the method of Swedish per una maternità serena e bimbi felici where it was released in the summer of 2018.

Guide for aspiring parents in Italian

In November 2018, the Guide will be released in Dutch and it will be called Happy life with your baby

Guide for aspiring parents in Dutch

In November 2018, the Guide was released in Danish and was named the
Handbook for new parents - pregnancy facts and child knowledge on a scientific basis

Guide for aspiring parents in Danish

In June 2019, the Guide will be in English and will be called

Parenting - the Swedish way - debunking myths about pregnancy and infancy, and replacing hearsay with science

Guide for aspiring parents in English
The guide topped sales at adlibris when it was released