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Barnakuten.nu is written by and owned by paediatrician Cecilia Chrapkowska

Why barnakuten.nu?

Som förälder har man en miljon frågor om sina barn. Inte minst när barnen blir sjuka. Den här sidan föddes ur insikten att internet erbjöd mycket åsikter, men mindre fakta.  Barnakuten.nu vill erbjuda både vetenskapligt korrekt fakta, stöd och en trygg hand att hålla i för föräldrar.

Since we started in the spring of 2014, more than 10.8 million page views have been made and during the summer, approximately 30,000 readers enter the blog each week.

Feel free to post, but don't ask about your kids!

Önska gärna inlägg, här under eller i kommentarer till inläggen. Men fråga inte om era egna barn. Det blir sjukvård, och sådan bedriver jag inte  i bloggform.

All comments are previewed and only those comments that are deemed to give anything positive to our readers are published.


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Please contact the child care team at info@barnakuten.nu

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94 thoughts on “Om/kontakt”

  1. Hi Cecilia,
    Jag ville bara lämna en rad och tacka för en super bra blogg, många ggr har man fått så bra råd här ifrån

  2. Hi, I have a 7 week full healthy baby, came according to bf. The problem is that breastfeeding fails since day 1. I've been struggling and tearing blood and sweat and tears to make it work, but nothing seems to help. I have too little milk. My child goes up but not up properly. They weigh too little. I have asked for help from all directions, BVC to breastfeeding experts. No one has an answer to me or solution. How is that? Can all healthy women get enough milk?

    1. Hi Minna!
      That all mothers should have enough milk is a myth. There are many that you who struggle and struggle and yet the child is not measured and does not gain weight. Therefore, it is good that there is compensation. If you want to continue breastfeeding, give him a chest first for 10-15 minutes and then let him eat measured in a bottle. If you want to stop breastfeeding, you can gradually change the target to bottle and reduce breastfeeding.
      Warm greetings,

  3. Hi Cecilia
    In your post on long-term effects of TBE on children, you describe the symptoms that can occur long after the end of the disease.

    Do these potential long-term symptoms only apply to TBE developed in the secondary phase, or even the first?


    1. Hello Martin!

      The studies available are for TBE developed into the secondary phase of meningitis / inflammation of the brain. Not those who just had a fever. It is also biologically quite reasonable to think that the brain must be attacked in order for long-term symptoms from the brain to occur.

      Best regards,


  4. Hey!
    I think I recognize you 🙂 did you work at Huddinge hospital in the winter of 2014 and went on a heart alarm (for children)?

    1. Then I think you were there when my daughter had her first cardiac arrest 🙁 it was the night between December 29 and 30, 2014. I think you stood and cared about me and my husband (but I don't really remember). Thanks for the help then <3

    2. Yes, see in my calendar that I worked that night. I think I remember you and the situation very well, but do not want to ask any more here so as not to reveal anything classified. The warmest greetings anyway. And a big hug!

  5. Joanna Söderlund

    So good site you have created!
    Ended up here by pure chance and see that you in January-16 received us and our son (then 1 year old) after a febrile seizure and ambulance trip to the emergency room, with a temp of closer to 42c.
    Your response felt fantastic when you were in shock. Thanks!

    Hope this page continues to live, here it really is so very useful for us parents (and others) to read!

    1. Hello Johanna!

      God what nice to hear 🙂 Hope everything is good with you and your child.

      Warm greetings


  6. Agnetha Franzén Hermin


    What a nice blog!

    Today I shared your fluid replacement post on our Facebook page, hope you think it's ok!

    Mvh Agnetha Franzén Hermin, Head of Operations PR Care for Child Reception

  7. Hey!
    thanks for a great blog!
    it would have been fun if you could write something about enlarged neck tonsils and polyps behind your nose.

  8. Thanks for a great blog.
    I myself have worked as a specialist nurse in pediatric care for over 15 years at a pediatric hospital in Stockholm. Worked in a department where the very sickest children were cared for. Seen and been aware of most things that can happen in such a department. Have these experiences constantly in the back of my mind… .I became a mom myself 2.5 years ago and I find it difficult to always maintain a nuanced approach when my daughter has become ill.
    Simply having too much experience and knowledge for my own good it feels like.
    What does this have to do with your blog, do you think? Well, you have helped me combine my mother role with an experienced nurse. I make an assessment of how she is doing and then I read on your blog. My assessment has always been in line with what you have written. You have helped me through your pedagogically scientifically based texts to confirm my own reflections, thoughts and judgments. Much like a backdrop…. Thank you, you only needed to visit the nursery once in her life and then it was serious.
    I just wanted to say thank you and that you should continue with the very good job you are doing.
    Shirley 🙂
    Thanks again

  9. Hey!

    Searched for information on a topic and found this blog.
    Great and informative! I will definitely return here.

    Child labor therapist and mother.

  10. Hello,

    And thank you for a well-written, clear and credible blog. You help me explain and discuss illnesses, symptoms and conditions both for myself and my patients at the health center.

    Nina, ST physician in general medicine

  11. I return here again and again. Thanks for a great blog! Now I'm just wondering when the next post will be, it's been a long time now ...

  12. Hi Doctor Lina and Doctor Cecilia!

    Waiting for tension on the next post. It's been a while since ... 🙂

    Thanks for all the good posts so far1

    / Anna, mother of Maja

  13. I want a post about how young children react when a parent becomes seriously ill and is hospitalized for a longer period of time. Is there anything to think about in order for the child to get as good as possible in the perhaps troubled everyday life?

  14. Sture and Bertil's mother

    At this point I would like to read more about this with getting completely dry both during the day and at night. We've had some fun with it for our one son, but now with the help of a pediatrician, kissing schedule and medicine we seem to be on the right track. Would love to read more about it though. everything is interconnected. If you are not dry during the day, you apparently cannot get it at night?

  15. Great blog! Clear, honest, informative and respectful. Benefits from it both at work and as a mother. Warm thanks!

  16. Hey!
    Again, thanks for a fantastic blog, you write in such a fun and interesting way.

    The youngest son became the cat bite and received a penicillin cure of 10 days.
    It might be something to address? 🙂

  17. Hey! Recently you wrote about chickenpox and in the comments you got many questions about vaccine. You mentioned then that you might write your own post about this. It is very much awaited! Feel free to write a post soon, if you have the opportunity. I just go and think about whether or not to vaccinate my children. Would be very grateful for your opinions and tips on the matter.

  18. Hey!
    First of all, I want to say that I am grateful for the time and energy you put into this blog. Fantastic good & informative. I understand that you have a whole bunch of "upcoming blog posts" but I would love to write more about despite (loved your post about it just a day ago) and development leaps in children. This with rage outbursts for example ... how long can they be? What is “normal”? On some page, I read that you should contact BVC if the rage outbreaks “lasts a long time” eg.
    Again, thanks for a nice blog! / greetings Linda

  19. Hello!!
    Thanks for a very good blog! I have a desire for a post (have been looking but not found but maybe you wrote about it earlier). It's about eye inflammation - my son has it right now. How often should "one" wash their eyes? when to treat? What can happen if you do not treat? Are there any risks? How to avoid infection best?

    With kind regards,

    1. Oh yes, I wish that too! A lot of eye inflammation with us. Welcome back Cecilia, we have missed you!

  20. Hello,

    I would like to request a post about motion sickness - something that is a real problem in our family. What we hear is that it goes over with age but it is a small consolation… Our daughter has just filled such a medical aid is deficient I have understood in conversation with the pharmacies. Is there anything you can do about your child's general "resilience" such as sleep, food, etc? What tools are available, how do they work and what ages can / should they be used? I have tested the postafen myself for example and experienced myself as very affected (tired / groggy) and am therefore a little hesitant to give it to small children ...

    What can be done after a sickness outbreak and the baby vomited a lot? Is it something you _ should_ do? Our daughter is always shaky and pale and really included so we want to be able to help as much as possible of course. Yes some such thoughts I have, if you think there is a basis for a blog post and want to write one, I would be very grateful!

  21. Glad you got back up. Hurray!
    What I miss is a "home button" on the page so you can get back to the start or there it is and I just missed it?

    1. You can click on the big picture where it says Barnakuten, but should see if you can add a home button so it becomes clearer ..

  22. Missing your posts, just wanted to say it! Are there any future plans for the blog, or is it happening too much on other fronts in life so you don't have time?

    1. Agree with! Understand that other important things take up time, but I also miss your wise and nuanced posts. Use the page now as a reference book.
      Sincerely, Heléne

  23. Hi Cecilia!
    I just want to thank you! You took care of my little daughter in a unique way when I sought care for her in the spring of 2011 on eastern child cut she was only a month old o you took my concerns seriously !!! THANK YOU for helping us !!! You were the only doctor who listened and took me seriously !! You are an amazing person !! Nice that I found you here so I had to say this after so many years !! Miss turns 3 now in March !!

    Sincerely, Johanna !!

    1. No but THANKS how happy I am! Now I get curious about who the little girls were, but you do not have to write here at all.

  24. What a well-written and informative blog. Very useful and interesting to read as a parent. May I tell others about your blog?

  25. Hey! Thanks for a great page!
    I have a question about babies and food. It is often heard that we adults should actually eat more and more regularly to keep their sugar at a consistent level. And the message you get at BVC and in children's literature is that young children should eat every 2-3 hours. I think this sounds perfectly logical. Now my partner claims that our 11-month-old boy would feel good about not eating as often. That a little fasting, or longer between meals, would be good for insulin sensitivity. Can this really be true?
    Our son is healthy and well in every way, so are we parents and there is no diabetes in our families and we live healthy so diabetes is no concern. But my partner believes that there should be a reason why Sweden is one of the countries with the absolute most childhood diabetes. I would be so grateful for your help in gaining some insight into this topic!

    1. Sweden is one of the countries with the most childhood diabetes. But childhood diabetes has nothing to do with insulin sensitivity. Instead, the pancreas's insulin-producing cells are destroyed by the immune system. Why don't you know, maybe it is a hitherto unknown virus that starts the process.

      You are absolutely right. An eleven month should not be fixed daytime. On the other hand, you may want to phase out night meals for such old children. But it has nothing to do with diabetes.

  26. Trying to read about stomach ailments and children, but only get a 404 message that the page can not be found even when I find links in other posts! Want to post a link to info in a parent group on Facebook!

  27. Hello
    Thanks for an incredibly well written and informative blog, actually goes in here daily, and it has helped me several times with tips and advice.
    After lying in ward Q80 at Astrid Lindgren's children's hospital, it would be interesting to know what a day or week for a doctor looks like. Met very good doctors but felt like they met very rarely and all issues were concentrated to the round when you notice that there is a shortage of time.
    Sincerely, Helene

    1. Funny that you like the blog. A doctor's everyday life, well why not. If it interests, we can definitely write about it.

  28. Hi there are doctors,

    I am completely enamored. So far, I think that here on the blog I have been able to get answers to all the questions I ever had regarding my soon to be two year old's health. Thanks just the one!

    / Anna Lindström with little M

  29. Hey! After a lovely autumn start with streptococci, I am now looking for a post about it (at least have not been able to find anything). How can streptococcal inflammation manifest (in addition to throat flux), when should you consult a doctor, when should antibiotics be used, everyone in the family who has streptococcus should be treated or is it enough with the person who is ill enough to be treated ... well that was my thinking. You probably have more good views. Thanks for a great blog!

    1. The JAMA study that breastfeeding is more common in women who consume is new. But as we tried to find out in a previous post then there is a very well-made study from this spring that shows a connection between sudden infant death and co-sleeping. Much stronger in smoking or alcohol-using mothers, but also in non-smoking, non-alcoholic drinking parents who sleep in a double bed. Much less power, however, than the effect of stomach position.

      So I say back to baby: ABSOLUTELY. Sleeping with a smoking parent: NEVER. Co-sleeping with a parent who has been drinking alcohol: NO. Sleeping with a healthy parent in a big bed without other children or animals in bed, well, if it improves the night's sleep or feeding situation so much that it is considered worth the small increased risk of sudden infant death, and the child in general is healthy and born in normal time (not too early). OK.

  30. Top blog! Yes, wonder if you could write about small children's immune system and spread of infection. Many children who start preschool go to the beginning of a lot of colds and other infections. Do you have any good tips on whether you can prevent something or help your children cope with it in the first place?

  31. Oh what a fantastic blog! I have been reading backwards for a while now and there have been many “Hallelujah” for things that I have read myself before and which are so very nice to get confirmed (such as the lack of effect of prescription cough medicine).

    After all, they wanted to get substances and I really want to know more about fluoride toothpaste for children. We ourselves have chosen not to give floss toothpaste to our daughter yet, I think I should try to resist until she is 2 years old, then I probably dare not anymore. Now our daughter eats minimal with sugar (fruit only) so I hope to be able to motivate that way.

    The pressure is enormous from dental care and fluoride seems to be the only path to good dental health. The reason for my resistance is mainly Jan Sällström's article “Fluorine in dentistry is a cellular poison” and it raises very hard-fought thoughts that I could not really get an answer to, especially not from dental care which is not so strange.

    So - there you have my suggestion on topic, I found nothing about this in your archive but maybe I missed it?

    1. Thanks for nice words and suggestions! Flour toothpaste we have been thinking about rewriting. Short of it is that meticulous plaque control and no sweets, no fruit as a snack, no juice or soda at all can give caries freedom even without flours toothpaste.

  32. This seems to be a top blog, but someone who actually dares to say bu or bee. You are certainly read and have grounds for your advice, but it is so nice with someone who does not just say that everything is normal or refers to the National Food Agency (eg about the salt). I do not trust them, who recommend light margarine to children instead of real butter etc. Thanks!

  33. Hey! I wonder if an undetected hypothyroidism (lack of thyroid hormone) affects the unborn baby? In what way, if so? Can it affect growth, learning, etc.? I was pregnant with the middle son when I discovered I had hypothyroidism. He is late with speech and smaller than the other two children. He is now almost 4 years old. I worry if the then untreated hypothyroidism may have caused this in him. Thanks for a great blog!

    1. Thanks for your wishes, but to get an answer on whether it may have affected your child, I would recommend a time at the specialist maternity care if possible. Then they can look at your values, when it was discovered etc and make an individual assessment.

  34. Hey!
    First of all, a big thank you for a fantastic blog and an excellent understandable and educational source of information! I just read through the section on sleep but have one that applies to what is usually called night terrors. Suppose the definition is difficult but for me it is about when the child, during sleep day, or at night, gets a panic-like attack with loud screaming and powerful throwing movements, seemingly completely uncontrolled. When I look around at the Care Guide, you can read that it occurs in children aged 5-6, but I wonder if you have experience with smaller children, 1-3 years affected?
    I would love to have tips and advice on how to handle this, when it is not enough to wake, carry, fold and comfort. It feels uncomfortable when the child who screams in trance until it vomits and more or less injures himself when one flies around.

    Thanks again for your work with the blog!

  35. Would love to read about how to take care of minor burns yourself. Also interested in any complications during healing as well as when to seek care. Get completely different advice from BVC, pharmacy staff and the Care Guide.

  36. Hey! I would like to read about baby sleep. You read and hear so many different tips on how to best get little babies to sleep, so it's hard to know what's good and bad. My own three months likes to sleep in the trolley but only if it rolls so during the day do we take long walks. In the evenings, she is best at rest if she is allowed to lie in her arms until she falls asleep. I am often told that this is the wrong method, that one must teach the children to sleep themselves without rolling, rocking or cuddling too much. To me, this sounds a bit crazy. Could it be wrong to "roll" the children to sleep or to bring them near so that they feel safe and fall asleep relaxed in their arms?

    1. Let's write about baby sleep. Being responsive to how your baby wants to be nailed and done is never wrong. On the contrary, it is a great foundation in loving parenting.

    2. Hi so great good blog has not been able to read everything but SKA, you write with confidence and love for children

  37. Sture and Bertil's mother

    As the mother of two guys born in Asia, I would like a small post about Mongolian stains, just to raise awareness among both doctors and parents in general. My little ones are exceptionally affected and in the name of honesty, I am tired of being suspected of not being careful with my children. (I would be happy to provide sample pictures if needed ... you can have mongoose spots almost everywhere if you look at my children)

    1. Feel free to send me a picture or two at cecilia.chrapkowska at gmail.com and we will write! But avoid the face so your boys won't have to be recognized.

  38. Hi Cecilia!

    I am a specialist in general medicine and found your blog via facebook. Have been reading for hours now. Absolutely wonderfully written !! Factual and loving. I am wondering if I should fix small patches with the URL of your blog and distribute it to parents. I will also advise students and perhaps especially AT doctors about your blog which in a couple of hours reading conveys as much knowledge as you otherwise have to learn the hard way during long on-call and overbooked reception sessions with (sometimes) inadequate guidance. I twist myself a little ashamed when I think back to unnecessary sampling, unnecessary worry and unnecessary medication I exposed children and their parents to before I knew better ...

    Big eloge to you!

    / Josephine

  39. Niklas Långström

    Hi Cecilia

    Brilliant educational and important work!

    Niklas Långström
    child Psychiatrist
    Professor of Psychiatric Epidemiology, Karolinska Institutet

    1. Oh, Professor of Psychiatric Epidemiology - it sounds absolutely, absolutely wonderful! Do you have twitter? (And, excuse me, Doctor Cecilia for communicating with someone else via your blog.)

  40. Hey!
    I have been advised about your blog and think it is super!
    I have a little girl of 5 weeks and am afraid of RSV. How is it now-has the worst settled or should you still be happy?
    Have a nice day!

  41. Katarina Andersson

    So well written. However, I have no small children anymore but this is very good. So fun to read ... Hug Catherine

  42. Hello, nice and good blog. Don't know how I ended up here. I searched for building materials but couldn't help but stop and read for a while even though my children had grown up before the word blog existed.
    / Dan

  43. Found here today, and it will be interesting and fun to read and follow. "Only the children are healthy" - the expression was one of the hardest I could hear for many years. It hurt so bad, so bad to hear. As if mine, very seriously ill, was not worth anything. Like that our life could not be a good life, when we did not get what was so important in so many eyes. Wish all parents good luck "out there". Most of all those whose wonderful became a little different…

    1. Welcome here! Under the heading Sick Children you can find links to a couple of great radio shows about the lives of two families who have children with severe brain injuries. Tip!

  44. I was advised about your blog in another blog and am very glad I looked into it. Great idea that is implemented in a very good, factual, informative and at the same time personal way. I add you to my blog list so as not to miss anything, when I find time in the middle of the sick season and without the right to vabb.

    1. Are stomach upset and breastfeeding and really appreciate your text on this. Mobilized dad and mother-in-law to come home and help me after that. Thanks!

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